Wednesday, August 27, 2008


MK2K shrug sweater $165 (available in grey)

Soia & Kyo Odelia

Soia & Kyo "Odelia" trench $230

Fall Shoes- Joie

Joie "Crazy On You" leather pump $375 (army, made in Italy)

Joie "Layla" leather maryjane $285 (caviar, made in italy)

These two styles are simply PERFECT for the Fall Collections. Soft, rich italian leather both with hidden platforms that give you the height you want and make the high heel incredibly comfortable to wear, not to mention making your legs look amazing!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Black Halo

Black Halo silk dress $305 (only one sz. 2 left)

Black Halo bustier dress $349

Black Halo 1-shoulder chiffon sunburst dress $328 ( one sz. 2 and 4 left)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sioa & Kyo

Soi & Kyo leather "Kymia" $385 (charcoal) SOLD OUT

Sioa & Kyo leather "Ana-Maria" $425 (espresso) SOLD OUT

Sioa & Kyo wool "Anissa" $325 (black) SOLD OUT

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nicholas K

Nicholas K "Brock" jacket. $779 SOLD OUT
I think this little slice of heaven speaks for itself.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Final Summer Markdowns!

Merge's final summer markdowns begin this weekend. Take and extra 50% off remaining sale merchandise:
Rhys Dwfen
Use Unused
Maggie Ward
Tracy Reese
Karen Zambos
and more...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Grai "Fina" jacket. $299 (clay) In store now. SOLD OUT

Grai "Malgosia" leather jacket. $1300. Black (In store for November)

Grai " Mattea" jckt. $340 (fog) In store for September. It's like a longer version of the "fina" style.

Grai fleece trench coat . $425 (black) In store for September


Founded in 2006, Grai was born from the concept of creating the quintessential coat and jacket. DesignerMaya Yogev conceptualizes her designs by melding light and soft textured fabrics alongside heavier and more substantial materials. With a strong influence in natural history, Maya designs organically by draping on the body, while forming seams and contours in the forms of insects, shells, feathers and bones. As a result, her designs work around the body, like a sculpture.

Grai is an extension of who Maya is, encompassing all of her interests from the Victorian Era and Russian ballet to punk rock and gothic esthetics. Her designs cater to women of all ages that share an eye for sophisticated individuality.

Maya earned her degree in Fashion from Otis College of Art & Design in 2002. Immediately following graduation, she spent two years working in Paris for her mentor, designer Rick Owens. Maya currently lives and works in her hometown of Los Angeles with her devil cat Kiki.

Fashion First- merge

My handsome husband donned his Prada and took one for the team as he escorted me to the Fashion First event. Thanks baby. I love you!


Alexander Wang.

Merge's segment was just fabulous. I was so proud. All the outfits looked amazing and the models did a great job on the runway. The crowd was fantastic, lots of cheering and clapping. I love a good fashion show!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hazel Brown

Hazel Brown super fitted black leather jacket. $475 SOLD OUT

Hazel Brown handbag w/antique chain $275

Hazel Brown Lg. wallet $90 (about 10")

Hazel Brown Sm. wallet $80 (about 7")

Hazel Brown's coat for the season. It's crushed, crinkled and worn. Again, urban and modern with a touch of vintage. This will become your "go to" coat forever. $725
(It's a little Comme des Garcon looking, non? Hmmm...)
All the Hazel Brown pieces are hand made in Ali's studio in Los Angeles. I stand in awe of this kind of craftsmanship. These pieces are works of wearable art.

2nd shot of Alexander Wang

Wool sweater jacket $472. I continue to adore this Fall collection. It's modern, urban and at the same time very sophisticated. This jacket is amazing!!!!
More snaps on the way :-)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Karen Zambos Scarf

Karen Zambos wool scarf. $129 AVailable in the following colors:

Brown Multi (shown)
Gold multi

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Park tee

I have to admit, I've been resistant to bring in organic clothing to the store because most of what I've seen has been scratchy, stiff and quite frankly, not very pretty. But then Park Vogel introduced their organic tee's and I was SOLD! These are so soft and luxurious I couldn't resist. Finally, green clothing that is reasonably priced and looks/feels fantastic. I have the above pictured tee in black and ivory. $75