Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer sandals from C2 Design in LA

Chocolate leather sandals with khaki palette detail $115.

Leather strappy "mummy" sandals on 2 1/2" heel in luggage tan color $135.
(1 PAIR LEFT....SZ. 6)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

+Beryll vintage italian army belts

My re-order of the amazing/fantastic/unique vintage italian army belts from +Beryll has arrived. After fulfilling the waiting list, I have 3 pieces left. Give me a call if you want one of these as they will blow out FAST!! Remember, there is a limited supply of these belts in the world (originally, 1,213 pieces to be exact)....most of them are gone now so I was lucky to get my hands on the last few! They truly are uber-cool casual belt that seems to work with just about any outfit. You may have seen pictures of celebrities wearing them in pap shots as they have become quite popular among the "in" matter about that though...I usually don't pay too much attention to what they are embracing from moment to moment....but this time I think they got it right. So... go sustainable if you will....just grab one of the last few of these belts in the world and enjoy! $285 ( 1 left in "dark")

Friday, May 22, 2009

Modern Vintage "Beleza" sandal

Modern Vintage "Beleza" sandal $295 (on sale $188)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pour La Victoire Camille sandal

Pour La Victoire "Camille" sandal $189 (available in BROWN) sale $100

Monserat de Lucca Handbags

The Monserat De Lucca handbags have arrived at Merge! Beautiful squishy leathers with great hardward I've always said, re-think the "status" bags at over $1500 dollars and go for long term wearability/durability and style with luxurious materials...Monserat De Lucca. $398-$450 at Merge

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Collection K

Double layer tee $238/ $159 sale

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Herff Christiansen

The SAC $235 (canvas and leather- charcoal)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Project Runway casting in Seattle

Well, yesterday was simply a BLAST! Project Runway invited me to be a panel judge for their northwest (Seattle) auditions. I didn't want to blog about it until here it is.

Can I just say that Tim Gunn, Zanna Roberts (Marie Claire senior fashion editor), the entire Project Runway crew/producers and the Lifetime executives couldn't have been more gracious and kind and FUN!! We had a great time and saw a few very talented local designers as well as some that needed, dare I say, a bit more time to develop. I got to re-live a bit of my "past life" when I worked in the fashion industry in NYC/LA and it felt great.

Fashion is not just my career, it is a true passion for me. I love every aspect of the industry and have had the opportunity to work in most segments of it from manufacturing and design to sales/PR. Fashion is a multi billion dollar global industry that employs millions of people worldwide. It allows us to express our creativity, our mood, our intellect, our confidence, our beauty inside and is not inconsequential or superfluous. What we wear is a part of how we define ourselves and how the world percieves us.

Whoa...didn't mean to go on a rant...sorry :-)

Anyway, thanks to all involved yesterday. Again, it was great fun. -P

The Boyfriend Jean

This is the jean for every girl. The Boyfriend Jean from James Jeans. It's infinitely wearable, slightly distressed, cropped and rolled, fitted at the mid hip to fall naturally and flatter......easy easy easy, a no brainer. Dress them up with a great platform sandal or a high heel ankle boot and a fitted jacket/sweater/tee or go super slouchy with a baggy tee and flip flops. And remember, IT'S ALL ABOUT PROPORTION...any woman can wear this style so don't be afraid. And if you're worried that these jeans can't be sexy, just take another look at the picture above! :-)

Friday, May 1, 2009

ELLA sandal

Tough and tender.....$225 from Pour La Victoire. Raw zipper edged black leather ruffle sandal.