Saturday, May 23, 2009

+Beryll vintage italian army belts

My re-order of the amazing/fantastic/unique vintage italian army belts from +Beryll has arrived. After fulfilling the waiting list, I have 3 pieces left. Give me a call if you want one of these as they will blow out FAST!! Remember, there is a limited supply of these belts in the world (originally, 1,213 pieces to be exact)....most of them are gone now so I was lucky to get my hands on the last few! They truly are uber-cool casual belt that seems to work with just about any outfit. You may have seen pictures of celebrities wearing them in pap shots as they have become quite popular among the "in" matter about that though...I usually don't pay too much attention to what they are embracing from moment to moment....but this time I think they got it right. So... go sustainable if you will....just grab one of the last few of these belts in the world and enjoy! $285 ( 1 left in "dark")