Friday, September 26, 2008

Twin-Set (Italy)

Amazing chunky wool/alpaca cardigan wrap from Twin-Set $255
Available in camel (above) or black. Perfect with one of the +Beryll belts :-)
One size fits most. SOLD OUT

Silk print polo dress $235 (one sz. XS left)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nicholas K

Nicholas K's wool "Cadence" coat $550 (mushroom) All the details that Nicholas K is known for: the high collar, leather knot buttons, exaggerated long sleeves, asymetrical waist tie, impeccable tailoring...urban, modern and very wearable. SOLD OUT

Life With Bird ankle boot

Life With Bird (Australia) black distressed leather ankle boot $445
There's really nothing to say. These speak for themselves I think. Every woman needs a black ankle boot. It should be comfortable, modern, edgy and work with just about any outfit you can put together. These do that without exception.

+BERYLL belts

Just got in my 3rd re-order of these vintage Italian military belts! After fulfilling the wait list, I have 3 pcs. remaining. I can't emphasize enought how perfectly cool/chic these belts really are...I'm not going to order any more of them for the store as I don't want to flood the Seattle market with them. They are, and should remain, an exclusive luxury for those that wear them. $285
Oh...and they are unisex, so tell your husbands/boyfriends/brothers/fathers etc...half of my customers that bought them were men.

Alexander Wang

THE Alexander Wang baggy wool trouser $475 (sz. 6 and 8 left) I wanted to re-post the picture of this trouser because I think it's one of the essential pieces for any wardrobe this Fall. The black wool fabric has a subtle gray pattern in it, is extremely luxurious to the touch, and the fit is spectacular. When you wear a loose trouser like this, its important to remember to keep the top of your outfit "close" to the body (see pic). Balance is key here. When done right, you will look long, lean and very modern. Try it with a fitted tee, a tailored cropped leather jacket or a sleek black turtleneck. And, no, you don't have to be super tall to pull this off as long as you keep the proportions in line. :-)
(Belt not included)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DKNY Equestrian Boot

DKNY Equestrian boot in black leather w/croc texture print. The perfect shape for Fall to wear with anything and everything in your wardrobe. For those of us that wear a lot of black clothing...the croc imprint adds a little dimension and texture to any look. $355

Saturday, September 20, 2008

American Vintage

American Vintage shawl/scarf $85
This is soft, squishy, cozy and quite simply the best shawl scarf you could ever imagine. Tie it or wrap it any number of ways...its HUGE and will drape in any fashion you can think of :-)
Available in black, carbon (above), and mushroom.

American Vintage legging $55
Made of the same soft, squishy cotton as the scarf, thes are the perfect layering piece under all your winter sweaters,sweatshirts and tees. Available in black and mushroom.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Casch soft wool jacket in Bordeaux $665


What can I say...these pieces keep flying out the door. Catch one while you can ladies!
FINA (black) $299

MATTEA (fog/gray) $335
This is a longer version of the FINA.

Brigit (black) urban fleece trench coat $425

New Soia & Kyo

LORY (black) funnel neck puffer jacket $225

CAROLINA (khaki herringbone) down puffer jacket $285

ANA MARIA (black) leather dbl breasted trench $425

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grai Leather Coat

OK, so here's the deal. I ordered this draped leather jacket for myself from Grai. I thought it was the most incredible piece of outerwear I'd seen in a very long while...but a tad pricey to stock for the shop. Well, it came in and looks amazing. The only problem? The shoulders are too small for me. Believe me, if I could somehow get away with it, I'd wear it all winter long. But it just pulls to much across the back. I've placed it on my racks for sale in the store. It's soft black leather, a sz. M and is priced at $1500. And once again, this piece is not for the fashion faint of heart :-)

Friday, September 12, 2008




Madé means ‘second born’ in Balinese. The first birth was the development of the idea, the second one the making of …. Madé. A dynamic company founded by Miriam Flores and Jil Nijdam. Upon graduation (Cum Laude) from the Rotterdam Fashion Academy, Miriam (Brazilian born) worked for two major Dutch labels. Jil (Dutch) studied at the Willem de Kooning Art School and has a background in Art and Culture as well as Art Consultancy.

These are beautiful pieces that will compliment and enhance any modern woman's wardrobe. Pure luxury. The pictures above represent the 2 styles that have arrived this week. More to follow....

LnA Fall Tees

The new replenishment of LnA tees just arrived in the store! Brown, deep red, soft blue, white, black and steel colors are available in long and short sleeves as well as in deep v-necks and relaxed crewnecks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Re-tooled vintage Italian military belts from +BERYLL. These are the most amazing belts I've seen in a long time. Each one has a serial number carved into the leather from when they were issued to the Italian army soldiers. The designers at +BERYLL discovered a few cartons of these belts in a warehouse in Italy, 1216 of them to be exact, and bought them up. They re-tooled them with mink oil and other mysterious extracts resulting in the most soft and rich leather belts on the market. The colors vary from mid to dark brown, with no two colors exactly alike. I've sold out of the first order I placed, and am awaiting another shipment. Needless to say, there is a limited number of these belts in existence, so you might want to get on my list. I'll call you when they come in. $285
Honestly, people try to buy mine off my body! If you like the worn in look of rich vintage leather you won't want to miss out. Get 'em while you can girls (or guys, they are unisex afterall)


DKNY black lace up combat boot $415
These are flying out the door! I have 4 pair left, so hurry in and grab your size.

I also have a croc embossed black leather riding boot from DKNY that's blowing out as well. I'll try and get a picture posted soon :-)