Thursday, September 11, 2008


Re-tooled vintage Italian military belts from +BERYLL. These are the most amazing belts I've seen in a long time. Each one has a serial number carved into the leather from when they were issued to the Italian army soldiers. The designers at +BERYLL discovered a few cartons of these belts in a warehouse in Italy, 1216 of them to be exact, and bought them up. They re-tooled them with mink oil and other mysterious extracts resulting in the most soft and rich leather belts on the market. The colors vary from mid to dark brown, with no two colors exactly alike. I've sold out of the first order I placed, and am awaiting another shipment. Needless to say, there is a limited number of these belts in existence, so you might want to get on my list. I'll call you when they come in. $285
Honestly, people try to buy mine off my body! If you like the worn in look of rich vintage leather you won't want to miss out. Get 'em while you can girls (or guys, they are unisex afterall)