Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jessica Kagan Cushman Bracelets

"Having learned scrimshaw from her father, who took up the craft in the 1960's in Nantucket, Jessica has taken the artform to a new (and slightly un-orthodox) level - creating scrimshawed antique ivory bracelets that lie somewhere between a tattoo and a bumper sticker. Historically practiced by sailors on long journeys hunting for whales, scrimshaw traditionally depicted whaling scenes, ships, women and scenes copied from magazines of the day. Jessica takes quotes and phrases, from movies, literature and in some cases, New York graffiti and transcribes them via scrimshaw onto fossilized wooly mammoth ivory bracelets - combing a venerable traditional craft with wry, modern wit". (We've purchased the resin bangles as opposed to the fossilized ivory for the store)

A minimalist at heart, I rarely subscribe to the "more is more" philosophy of dressing, but these bangles really look best when worn stacked up the arm paired with jeans and a tee or a simple black shift. These are the "it" bangles of the year. $125 ea.