Friday, November 16, 2007


"After making their mark in the technology industry, founders Rob Meadows and Ali Shahriyari followed their passion for art and culture to create the Los Angeles based fashion brand, Thrive. So far, they've worked with up and coming FIDM star Jacqueline Lavaun as well as several others. Never a company to be pigeon-holed in terms of style, Thrive is a free-thinking brand which fosters ideas and innovations.

By drawing on their diverse experiences and influences as well as investing in the talents of newcomers, Meadows and Shahriyari are establishing a company which has a non-traditional approach to fashion. In Summer 2007 Thrive will announce new creative additions to the design team. The company will continue to produce clothing with a sexy yet intellectual sensibility and act as an incubator for young talent to prosper and 'THRIVE'.

For Fall 2007, Thrive combined modernism and romanticism with the minimalism of functional and non-ornate clothing. Fabrications include silk chiffon, viscose/cotton/metallic satin, wool-cashmere gabardine, French lace, Italian sweater knits, and Japanese woolens."
So, what does this mean?
Well, ladies....this IS fashion. The tailoring, fabric selection and design are simply the epitome of modern sophistication. I selected just a few pieces for the store as an introduction to the collection. Below are a couple of shots from their runway show that I have in store. I'm not sure just looking at a photograph does this line justice though. One must touch and try on the fabrics/garments and look at their construction to fully appreciate the richness of the clothing.

Wool "Tulip" dress $575 (chocolate, sz. 6)

Wool high waist pleat skirt $405 (black, sz. 6)