Monday, July 14, 2008

Full Frontal Fashion- Fall '08

So, just as the weather up here is getting really GORGEOUS...sunny and warm, its time to look toward the coming months and think about (or actually get a jump on the impending frenzy and buy now while the getting is good) Fall fashions! Yes, it's THAT time again, and, boy, does it look good for all of us who love clothes. First, lets review some of the major trends for the coming season:

Baggy trousers/ skinny trousers
Plaids and Tweeds
Tiers and soft ruffles
Slouchy underpinnings/tees
Extreme detailing and drape

We've already gotten in some Fall pieces that represent these trends from Alexander Wang (baggy trousers, tiered chiffon tops and slouchy tees), Harkham (floral dresses), Tracy Reese and Mint (lace and embroidery) etc...and are expecting more coverage in the next several weeks from Karen Zambos (plaids/tweeds), tees from Kain Label, Crispin & Basilio (tiers and gathers), Black Halo (LBD's), Grai (beautifully draped jackets and wraps), decontructed tops and dresses from Clu, drop dead urban sophistication from Jarbo, and much more...

I guess if I have to sum up what we're going to carry this Fall at merge, I'd say the collections I've chosen cover about three distinct themes:

The Hitchcock heroine- think Grace Kelly, Kim Novak. The return of a smart, sexy, put together woman with a modern edge.

The city girl- Hip, cool and fashion forward. Casual or dressy.

The modern sophisticate-Loves a great cut, drape and fit. The clothes are modern and luxurious with a european edge.

See you soon! -Pat