Friday, March 27, 2009


They're here. They're finally here....Merge has just received their shipment of Camilla Skovgaard shoes!!! I almost don't know where to begin with the story...

"Danish designer Camilla Skovgaard studied couture in Paris and by age 20 was brought to Dubai to design for the Gulf Sheikhs' wives and daughters. Skovgaard later studied at Cordwainers, where she perfected her trade, learning how to make shoe patterns, cut leather, and close uppers. Her line is celebrated for its high quality and fluid style. Chic and feminine with graceful silhouettes and innovative detailing, Camilla Skovgaard shoes are truly for the "intelligent fashionista."

Louboutin and Manolo? Watch out! Camilla's designs, construction/quality are beyond reproach. These are not throw-away- after-one-season shoes. They bridge the gap between trendy and classic. They are modern and investment in style for your wardrobe. (And the even better news is that they are considerably less expensive than the aforementione masters...about 30-40% less).

Go ahead and Google Camilla. The press is amazing. The awards and accolades are piling up....and I just thought that the stylish women of Seattle shouldn't have to be "catching up" with the rest of the world this time. We should be right up there, in the lead. I hope you agree.

Lace up bootie-black $435
Zaha buckle bootie-elephant $510