Friday, April 10, 2009

+Beryll vintage belts

I"m getting in a re-order on the AMAZING +Beryll vintage Italian army belts due in the shop at the end of May. I only have limited quantities, so I decided to start a pre-sale list. Sizes available are S and M (these are men's sizes so take that into consideration). You've probably seen these belts pop up in several fashion spreads over the last few months...there are only a few hundred left in existance as the designers at +Beryll found 1200 hundred of them in an old warehouse in Italy. They scooped them up, re-treated/fashioned them and began selling them globally. I had them in the store several months ago, and thought I should bring a few more in if they were available. And, voila! they were!! So, I'll have them at the end of May.
Give me a call if you want in on the list. $285