Friday, August 13, 2010


Using high quality fabrics, IMPROVD deconstructs and reinterprets trends. Materials are mixed, washed, over dyed, and distressed to bring together a look that is raw and wearable.

At IMPROVD, we have a credo that drives what we do: everything can be improved. With us, it started with clothes and the idea that lust-worthy pieces shouldn’t just be for the wealthy or the famous, but for everyone. It says that you can get a unique, innovative cut without giving up two months’ rent. But most of all, it means simple touches and high-quality materials with major impact – the way of true, long lasting fashion. Avant-garde designs that are wearable, effortless and affordable. Welcome to IMPROVD.

Come stop by Merge to see out first delivery of IMPROVD. You won't be disappointed! :-)