Thursday, April 5, 2012

How much would you pay for a great sandal?

So. I REALLY wanted this Michael Kors sandal last spring. REALLY REALLY wanted it. Problem was, it sold out globally in a week! It was around $800. Really. Sold out. I had worked out the cost per wear and rationalized outside of all reason why I HAD TO HAVE them. But it was not meant to be. can imagine my surprise/joy when I went to the shoe show and saw that Pour La Victoire had all but copied it for spring 2012. At a fraction of the price at $250. Oh happy days!! I scooped it up for the store as fast as I could.

See below, my idea of the perfect walking around looking cool/comfy summer sandal. Available at Merge right now! (And yes, I do think $800 for a summer sandal in Seattle is a bit of a stretch.....even for a shoe lover like myself.)